If you go down to the woods today…

There is no need for a disguise 😀 Although a pretty outfit may come in handy!


One thing I appreciate about doing what I do is that it brings me into contact with young people. The youth are fun, vibrant, excited and energetic. All the things that old farts like me are not…

Remember to stop and smell the flowers


Kerry-Jade will soon be a teacher, influencing young minds and filling them with knowledge to equip them for the future. Which brings me to another point about the youth.

Very often they are slated as lazy, directionless, trouble making, uncouth, moody, whiny – well the list goes on. But in my experience most of them are not nearly that bad.


And some have actually got their stuff together. Intelligent, respectful, hard working so I guess the moral of the story is two fold:



  • Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover
  • It’s a jungle out there – sometimes a beautiful one

Until next time..



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