Dancing along the way of things

The way of things, and the way those things work is quite a mystery in many ways.

Take this image of the lovely Chace.

WPB-50408It was one of a number of images taken on the day. By comparison it is a very simple and straightforward image compared to the elaborateness of the others like ..

WPB-50389 Butterfly Moment The Huntress
and yet for all its simplicity, it is also one of the most popular. Or is it possibly because of the simplicity ?

Angel of the silences

Between two lungs

The breath that carried me
The sigh that blew me forward
-Florence + Machine Between two lungs-




Butterfly Moment

The Spider

Not all spiders are dark and scary looking
Some are graceful and beautiful

The Spider

Artistry in photography – The Huntress

Lets get this out the way right now, there (in my opinion) is definitely artistry in photography.
It may not always be apparent or obvious but it’s there.

This image, which I have entitled “The Huntress” is a good example.

I know the young dancer, and know what she is able to do.
We had decided on doing a shoot which would show off her physique and my lighting was planned with that in mind.
In the discussion phase, I had this image in mind of her with the bow and arrow, so I bounced the idea off her, and she loved it.

Initially i tried borrowing a bow, but came up empty handed. In frustration at the thought of “not getting my shot” I ended up making the bow and arrow to fit in with the ‘silvery’ image in my mind…

And it actually all came together quite well – her dance artistry mixed with my creative and photographic artistry.

The Huntress
Just my opinion of course :)

Timelines of progress

I was rifling through old photos I had taken, looking for something in particular when I stumbled upon something else.
This happens a lot, it’s like redirection, and I often forget what I was originally looking for.

This photo is quite simple, nothing special, as I recall the sky was neither here nor there, but having only had the camera (my very first dslr) for 3 months, I was still very new to it all and had a great morning out regardless of the conditions.

My takeaway from this, is that it’s nearly 5 years ago that I took it, and it’s high time I went back and tried again with my little bits of knowledge I have acquired….


Breathe the Fire

Breathe the Fire – Soft Moon

Take a deep breath and let the stories begin
I’m having flash backs
Now and again
I feel like I did before
I see the signs that I try to ignore

No one else can tell me
Who I am
Its safe to say that I’m to blame
But I can’t change

Breathe the fire
And fade away
Breathe away your innocence
And taste the flames

And now it’s got you crawling
Back ashamed
Cause’ I’ll never be free from your games

Take a deep breath
This one last time
I see my face reflected
From between the lines

Lost inside the skin I shed
voices screaming in my head
No one else can tell me
Who I am


Panic in Babylon

There was panic in Babylon
The sky had remained a deep murky grey blue mess for days, pissing rain, cold and evil, that had lashed the ground into a muddied frenzy.
The only delighted left in the land were the fungi as all that once lived turned to rot.
Rot and decay were the new order in Babylon.


Where I end, and you begin

There is a gap inbetween

Where I end, and you begin



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