Summer Loving

Take your medicine

I shaped the weather for my love
‘Cause I know she likes to dance out in the thunder
I shaped the weather for my love

(E.V.I.L. – Medicine Boy)


Dancer : Chace
Photographer : Wolfworx
Music : Medicine Boy <– They are awesome ! Support them !!




You said you won’t break my heart
Unless you do
You said you won’t fall apart
Until the end
(Survive – Chelsea Wolfe)

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See yourself a total stranger


Break my shape – in light I trust
None exist save space and dust
None exist, just lights in time
Space divides the borderline
The borderline

Space between and space inside
My four walls my shape defines
Space defines

You’ve gotta get over yourself
You’ve got to get out of the frame
Gotta learn to see yourself a total stranger
You’ve got to get out of the frame
Give yourself a brand name
Gotta learn to see yourself a total stranger


Dancer : Chace
Music : James
Photographer / Editor : Wolfworx

Photoroadtrip2015 – Courtney

What can I say, Courtney is wonderful to work with, game to try interesting ideas and just an all round lovely person.

We had fun in spite of the hellishly hot conditions (to which I’m sure she contributed)

In other news, if you would like to shoot with me towards the end of 2016, and live in Gauteng… message me and lets set it up
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Tell her that the world is clean
Promise her a definition
Tell her where the rain will fall
Tell her where the sun shines bright
And tell her she can have it all

Just dance

I’ve been tremendously inspired by the work of Lente Scura of late, but have struggled with trying to reproduce the look so to speak. However I tried again and am really quite happy with this, especially as I feel I managed to inject my “self” into this so it is not simply another knock off or clone of her work 🙂


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Photoroadtrip2015 – Kabe Family

In a different turn of events I got to do a family shoot. This is not that common for me on photo road trips, but 2015 was a glaring exception with 2 of them !

I really enjoy this family. The eldest daughter and I have been photo buddies for some time, just good people 🙂

I wanted a warm, hazy feel to the images, and I think it worked out well


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Princess Christi

The next shoot is probably the one that endured the most mishaps, hiccups, near cancellations and general problems in the lead up to it happening. Then to put the ebola cherry on the cake, when I arrived at the venue it started to rain. By the time Christi arrived it had started to pour!
So what do you do as a photographer who literally bent over backward to get things to this point ?
Well you wind down your car window, look at your client and say “It will be fine, this rain will stop soon” and smile. Smiling is important.
It conveys confidence and self belief.
Anyway, the rain stopped and this happened…


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Family time

So I got to have some family time too, not with my family though, but part of my (very) extended horsey people family.

We did the whole semi serious family shoot where everyone lines up like bowling pins, and then things got better …

Oh and i’m trying this new ‘mosaic’ layout, let me know if you prefer single images or the mosaic 🙂

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