Dying Light

After finishing up Christine and Sidikis shoot on the beach, it was time to head back to the car, copy photos to the laptop and ultimately make my way a very short distance up the road to my final shoot of the day.

All that stood in my way was the monster sand dune, I really need to work on my fitness :(

My last shoot was with Megan & KC. Megan earned this shoot by helping me out at one of the big horse shows in Port Elizabeth. She did such an amazing job that I was more than happy to do this for her. Besides which she is just an all round awesome person.

The light was fading fast, so we were a bit rushed and the photos were a bit grainier in some instances than i would have liked. The moments however were superb. I thoroughly enjoyed it although my bodies batteries were approaching empty by this time…

WPBPE-54069 WPBPE-53981 WPBPE-53988 WPBPE-53999 WPBPE-54013 WPBPE-54043 WPBPE-54017

Lifes a Beach

After shooting “The Cellist” (and rushing through the last minutes of that, which I hate doing- but time was dictating) I had a 20 minute drive to Sardinia Bay where I would meet Christine and her Arab mare Sidiki for some beach fun.

In theory it’s one of the easiest types of shoots to do with horses, get them doing what they do best which is galloping around and having fun, and simply click away… But it doesn’t really work like that.

I’m always trying to see if there is an artistic angle or something unusual to be tried. In this case there was not much at all, she sun was still quite high and harsh but at least horse, rider and the sea itself looked fantastic.

This one was mostly going to be about them doing what the do and having fun doing it..


Such a pretty girl



Who needs a surfboard ?




And then time for kisses and cuddles

WPBPE-53957All in well worth the rather large sand dune you have to climb to get to – and from the beach :D

The Cellist

The Cellist

this was the second shoot of my mini road trip and I am hoping you will indulge me a little that I may share some background with you.

I met the young cellist early last year. I gave a talk at a school and she was one of the photography students that attended the talk. Often in life one things leads to another and in this case it lead to this shoot.

There were a number of key points to the shoot.
1. I wanted a darker ‘Gothic’ aesthetic but we settled on a blue dress which was all she had.
2. We both liked the idea of a choker around her neck, she felt she may have some ribbon.
3. Due to the time of day (1:30pm) the light would be dreadful and we were unable to find a suitable indoor facility, so I settled on doing it in a well shaded park.

There were an equal number of unexpected things that changed things a lot.
1. I arrived at the park 30 minutes early, and during scouting I found the “Pearson Conservatory”
So much better than sitting under a tree !
2. A friend of hers got involved and loaned her a far more ‘in theme’ dress and choker.
3. She had her makeup professionally done which makes a huge difference


WPBPE-53692When she and her dad came walking towards me, I’m sure my jaw dropped. I was expecting great, and I got amazing.

WPBPE-53713She then iced the cake when she started to play. She is still learning, by no means an expert, but she plays beautiful and the Cello has a way of resonating deep within you.
WPBPE-53748All in all I found it a deeply moving experience, and I had to fight back tears of sheer emotion at one point. Music truly has a special effect on me.
WPBPE-53750As always, things were a bit rushed, and all too soon it was time to pack up and race across town for the next shoot.

Part one of my road trip is here

Part three “Lifes a Beach” is here

Road Tripping ! Again

This weekend past had me on a mini road trip to the fair city of Port Elizabeth, some 350km from home.
Just between us, the more I see of Port Elizabeth, the more I like it. However I digress!

The first stop of the day was to photograph young Kelly and her two horses “Sting” and “Love”
The time of day and location both had there challenges, but I think the three of them (with a guest appearance from her mom) made all that insignificant.

I love shoots that have a large amount of fun and laughter as an integral part, and this was one of those :)

WPBPE-53519Part two “The Cellist” is here

Memorial, Natures tribute

I cannot say what years have come and gone.
I only know the silence – it breathed on and in.
What sang in me sings no more.
Where stood a wild heart stirred no more.
There stood wild heart.
And I have been slain.
Head full of ghosts tonight.
Have I gone insane?
Was it wrong to go down.
To want you to stay?
Head full of ghosts tonight.
Have I gone insane?
Russian Circles – Memorial (Featuring Chelsea Wolfe)

Fight like Gods

What happens when the dream is better than the waking?
What happens when we don’t dread our own body breaking?
From our bed i can see the dark clouds start to seethe right above us
Fight like Gods – Chelsea Wolfe


I was struck when taking this image that it appeared to be a battle between the purple light of the lightning and the orange light of a distant town glowing in the distance.
Nature vs Man, fighting like Gods, but a fight, we as man, will probably lose…


Everything you’ve owned is gone
Everything you know is wrong
Everyone you’ve loved has left
Everything you’ve touched is dead

Chelsea Wolfe – Underwater


It’s getting late
It’s getting dark
In the end of the night I can feel your warmth
Come up close
Close to me
Cos In the end of the night I can feel you breathe
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be alarmed
In the end of the night you’re in my arms
I’m on my bed
My bed of stones

The Night

Song & Lyrics – Zola Jesus
Dancer image – Wolfworx (my own)
Dancer – Chace
Sky – My own
Background – Building by sfc-auratus

In The Dark Places

“In The Dark Places”

We got up early,
washed our faces,
walked the fields
and put up crosses.
Passed through
the damned mountains,
went hellwards,
and some of us returned,
and some of us did not.

PJ Harvey


Between a rock and a hard place

When stuck between a rock and a hard place, it is vital that you stop and find the beauty…


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