If I were a spider and my mother was the moon

If I were a spider and my mother was the moon
Out came the sun and dried off her cocoon
Underneath the water I would live and die to soon
If I were a spider and my mother was the moon

Fallen from my web I have landed in the stream
Been drifting on a while or forever so it seems
My mother cries above me: “you have left the world too soon”
If I were a spider and my mother was the moon

So I’ve come to rest now down in my riverbed
Dreaming of the life I left tangled up in the web
My mother sits upon the hill singing a song or two
If I were a spider and my mother was the moon

King Dude – My mother was the Moon


Back ground – http://zememz.deviantart.com
Back ground floor – http://welshdragonstocknart.deviantart.com
Cellist – Andrea photographed by me
Edit – by me

Help, I’m alive

If we’re still alive
My regrets are few
If my life is mine
What shouldn’t I do?
I get wherever I’m going
I get whatever I need
While my blood’s still flowing
And my heart’s still
Beating like a hammer



When the wind takes ‘em all
Away from here, away from me
When the sorrow is all gone
It is buried in the soil
When the wind takes em all
Away from here away from me
When the sorrow is all gone
It is buried in the sun
When the wolves howl their song
And the whole earth is done
When the wolves howl their song
And the wind still carries on

*Chelsea Wolfe – Lone*



Dancer / Model : Amy

Photographer : Me

Editing : Me

Wolf : http://www.deviantart.com/art/White-Wolf-206812665


I can’t believe what I had to say
All the things you never say
I’ll never be what you want me to be
Now I can’t disappear

*Mazzy Star – Dissapear*


My way, or the highway

It was all her rules & her way, there was no highway

in hindsight I don’t think there was even a side street


Died a little

I kinda died a little when the stars came out,
I tried to hide. I was afraid.
And when I felt my pain in the front of my head,
I felt the need to be alive in here instead

-Kirstin Abrams-
Partial Sky – http://joannastar-stock.deviantart.com/
Landscape – http://miss-deviante.deviantart.com/
Model – http://kechake-stock.deviantart.com/

I let Love In

“I Let Love In”

Despair and Deception, Love’s ugly little twins
Came a-knocking on my door, I let them in
Darling, you’re the punishment for all my former sins

I let love in

The door it opened just a crack, but love was shrewd and bold
My life flashed before my eyes, it was a horror to behold
A life-sentence sweeping confetti from the floor of a concrete hole

I let love in

Well, I’ve been bound and gagged and I’ve been terrorized
And I’ve been castrated and I’ve been lobotomized
But never has my tormentor come in such a cunning disguise

I let love in

O Lord, tell me what I done
Please don’t leave me here on my own
Where are my friends?
My friends are gone

So if you’re sitting all alone and hear a-knocking at your door
And the air is full of promises, well buddy, you’ve been warned
Far worse to be Love’s lover than the lover that Love has scorned

I let love in

Lyrics by Nick Cave, Song covered by Chelsea Wolfe

Location, location, location

As a photographer who loves seeing beautiful things and beautiful places ( and then taking photos of them) I am often frustrated by simply not having enough beautiful places around to use.

Or the place is then but it is not safe to go shoot there for various reasons.

Frustration mounts and coupled with my current bad state of mind, it is really dragging me down.

One of the options I am exploring, though I know it is not a total solution, is 3D modeling of places. Pictured here is a fairly quick edit I did of one of my images composited with a 3D rendered image.

I can rotate and turn and zoom the scene to match up to the angle the photo was taken at…
I can also set up the scene lighting to match the shoot conditions to make it more believable.I can create my own scenes.

It can quite time consuming to get the scene right.
Hunting down of free to use (great) scenes is almost as difficult as finding real ones.
Creating my own takes time

WPB-52939Is it worth it ?

I think it can be :)



All those places
Where I recall the memories
That gripped me
And pinned me down

I go to these places
Intending to think
To think of nothing
No anticipate

And somehow expect
You’ll find me there
That by some miracle
You’d be aware

I’d risen this morning
Determined to break
The spell of my longing
And not to think

I freed myself from my family
I freed myself from work
I freed myself
I freed myself
And remained alone

And in my thinking
Steal you away
Though you never wanted me


“Silence – PJ Harvey”

Weddings ! aka A lovely day for Alyssa and Joe

Let me start with my usual credo of “I don’t shoot weddings”, well except now I do…
The bride to be is a friend of my sisters, and with that head start, and knowing she was a lovely person and a fun character to work with, all kind of lead to me having the honour of photographing their big day.

So in no particular order, here of some of the images I liked …

WPBALY-52331WPBALY-52269 WPBALY-52288 WPBALY-52328WPBALY-52439I have new found respect for those that do this on a regular basis !


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