In the place where night ended, and she began

Could’t help myself

Couldn’t Help Myself – Low Sea

You say you ain’t no good
And that you’ve left the world behind
And you don’t care anyway
But I still come around.
I couldn’t help myself
I couldn’t help myself
I couldn’t help myself
I still come around.


And you say that I should
Stay away from you for good
But I saw you in your eyes
And I knew you had my heart.

I couldn’t help myself
I couldn’t help myself
I couldn’t help myself
You had my heart.


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Dancing in the dark

Bucket List Part 2

Few words… mostly pictures

WPB-57479 WPB-57482 WPB-57485 WPB-57486-2 WPB-57486 WPB-57489 WPB-57502 WPB-57503 WPB-57510 WPB-57478

Bucket List Item, Check

For the longest time I have wanted to take a dancer and a pile of powder and take crazy photos of her doing crazy things.

There were always problems….

I could not find a suitable building to shoot in

I could not find a place that was safe and had AC power

The weather was always wrong

My dancer was always busy rehearsing

blah blah blah

Fast forward to the imperfect shoot.

We simply set up out doors on an old concrete slab, on a day that the weather was threatening to rain or the wind to howl or something bad. At least I had electricity for my strobes :)

WPB-57511 WPB-57480 WPB-57470

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Houston we have a lift off

So nearly a year later from the date I shot a “proof of concept”, I finally go to do the shoot I really had burning in my soul.

Was it perfect ? No, I wanted a big empty warehouse type of setting. Instead we ended up shooting outdoors.

Fortunately the weather was very kind, and I had the most amazing dancer putting up with all my crazy ideas, in fact no.

She did not put up with them, she breathed life into them, and she exploded !


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Butterfly mornings

Butterfly mornings
Catch me there


Slide it in

Shiny and sharp

Slide that blade in

Wiggle it around while you’re at it

Give it another shove for good measure

Before you slide it out and admire the damage

How many times can you be stabbed before you bleed to death?


A Glossy effect, photographic howto

Due to some demand, here is a very brief tutorial on how I achieve a glossy looking image like

WPB-50389-2There are a few important points though before you jump in.

  1. It will work better with some images than others, The photos displayed here lend themselves to it because of how they were lit. Images with flat lighting may not work as well.
  2. I use Gimp 2.8 with the G’mic plugin. Sorry, I have no idea how you would achieve the same results with other editing packages, but I am sure you can.
  3. I am aware there are other ways to achieve this, but I like this way.
  4. Yes I’m aware of things in the image in the video that should be fixed like sensor dirt etc, but that’s not what I’m illustrating here.
  5. I’m also assuming you have some basic editing skills, curves, layers and layer masks.
  6. No there is no sound in the video, no matter how much you turn it up.

Gimp can be downloaded from here
G’Mic can be downloaded from here

Without further ado …. the tutorial :)

Out of curiosity

To all the photographer types out there who follow my blog, all 1 or 2 of you…

Would anyone be interested in more in depth articles on ‘how was this done’ style tutorials ?

and the flipside of course would any dancers be interested in being photographed by me ?

I ask because this image…

WPB-50389-2has sparked a fair amount of interest, simply by me stating it’s a rework of an older image, using a new technique.

Yes ?

No ?
Why ?


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