Photoroadtrip 2015 – Princess Christi

The next shoot is probably the one that endured the most mishaps, hiccups, near cancellations and general problems in the lead up to it happening. Then to put the ebola cherry on the cake, when I arrived at the venue it started to rain. By the time Christi arrived it had started to pour!
So what do you do as a photographer who literally bent over backward to get things to this point ?
Well you wind down your car window, look at your client and say “It will be fine, this rain will stop soon” and smile. Smiling is important.
It conveys confidence and self belief.
Anyway, the rain stopped and this happened…


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Family time

So I got to have some family time too, not with my family though, but part of my (very) extended horsey people family.

We did the whole semi serious family shoot where everyone lines up like bowling pins, and then things got better …

Oh and i’m trying this new ‘mosaic’ layout, let me know if you prefer single images or the mosaic 🙂

Photoroadtrip 2015 – Tanya

Tanya has been my anchor client for some years now.
Beautiful location, beautiful horses, beautiful people, that pretty much says it all.


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Sam

I realised today how badly I have messed up in bringing all these posts into their correct chronological order. It’s bad.

But anyway, moving along swiftly, this is Sam.

For some reason she always has at least one ‘challenging’ horse. Be it a timid rescue, or skittish youngster, which makes for an interesting challenge.

You would be correct in guessing it produces a lot of smiles and laughter 🙂


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Various

Of course there is time for a bit of relaxation (read – sit in the shade and take photos of horses) and the odd project ..


The project in this case was a night shoot, involving a black Friesian exiting a dam, hopefully looking powerful and splashy and awesome…


Well we tried.

Photoroadtrip 2015 – Tombraideresque

Sometimes you have to simply kick back and have a bit of crazy fun…

None of this was serious, and no one was shot.


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Megan

Another day, another shoot…
Another steaming hot day in Gauteng, tho there was at least some cloud about with the promise of rain…

Speaking of returning customers, Megan has been exceptionally loyal to me and handles her business. She also is a budding photographer in her own right which made this particular shoot very interesting as we played around with ideas and experimented quite a lot.

We were also quite ambitious with regards taking photos of her two Friesians in a make shift studio.

Megan went all out on the props, outfits and other decorations as you can see 🙂


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Photoroadtrip 2015 – Jess

So the clock ticked to time for Jess, Jess and her two furry friends Smurf and Toast…
But before we get to that, I would like to slow things down a fraction and divert the focus, if I may, to a vital observation.

It may in fact be blindingly obvious, but I think it is worth pointing it out.

A photography business like mine is very people centric. People are at the very core of what I do, what I take photos of and what I spend a lot of time talking to (Not counting talking to myself for a moment)

These people enable me to pay my bills.

Some of these people are repeat customers, by that I mean year after year they pay me to take photos of them. Some take it even further and they actively organise other people to pay me to take photos of them too. There are a few who have done this, not just Jess. So do not feel I am singling her out or anything, though if I am honest, the people she brought on board made the trip viable. (So thank you Jess)

That being said, back to the photos !
Even at 5:40pm, it was hot, very hot, and I think by now I was staggering around on the verge of heat stroke 🙂 the sun was getting low though, and turning the light towards soft and beautiful, finally!


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Photoroadtrip 2015 – Wes

Men and horses in the photoshoot context are relatively rare for me…

There is a very different dynamic and I’m not 100% convinced I have my head around it yet. That said Wes & Limit were fun to work with, though I think by this point my brain was well over heated.

The camera registered 37-38 Deg C for his shoot, and it felt like it !


Photoroadtrip 2015 – Hannah

3rd shoot…
Ambient temperature : HOT (Camera recorded it’s temperature between 34 [in shade 4pm] and 37 Deg C [in sun 4:52pm]  for her shoot )

Mood : Survival mode!
Not withstanding those challenges it was a great shoot, with Hannahs easiness in front of the camera giving the shoot a very different feel.

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