Photoroadtrip 2015 – Jess

So the clock ticked to time for Jess, Jess and her two furry friends Smurf and Toast…
But before we get to that, I would like to slow things down a fraction and divert the focus, if I may, to a vital observation.

It may in fact be blindingly obvious, but I think it is worth pointing it out.

A photography business like mine is very people centric. People are at the very core of what I do, what I take photos of and what I spend a lot of time talking to (Not counting talking to myself for a moment)

These people enable me to pay my bills.

Some of these people are repeat customers, by that I mean year after year they pay me to take photos of them. Some take it even further and they actively organise other people to pay me to take photos of them too. There are a few who have done this, not just Jess. So do not feel I am singling her out or anything, though if I am honest, the people she brought on board made the trip viable. (So thank you Jess)

That being said, back to the photos !
Even at 5:40pm, it was hot, very hot, and I think by now I was staggering around on the verge of heat stroke 🙂 the sun was getting low though, and turning the light towards soft and beautiful, finally!


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