Photo Road Trip 2015, Part I

This year saw me doing my now customary excursion inland from Nov 27th to Dec 7th. (Both those days were Travel Days)
If you are new to me and what I do, I’ll drop a little hint, I take photos. People, people and horses, horses, etc


I see the moon, does the moon care ?


Snake to the right …


Snake to the Left

Repeat several thousand times…

The driving was relatively uneventful, which is how I like it. The little over 1000km from East London to Centurion do pass eventually, so whats the point rushing right ?

Some things that became apparent:

  1. It had the potential to be a very hot trip, temperatures felt solidly in the 30’s (Deg C)
  2. Arriving in JHB at 3:45pm on a Friday was not the best strategy, Traffic traffic traffic !!

Inspite of these things I arrived safely, only to make another blunder.

It seemed a great idea to nip into a Pick ‘n Pay mall en route, but I overlooked the fact we were having our very own Black Friday and people were queuing like they stood a chance of being given free motor cars or something. So I settled for popping into a dance wear shop and introducing myself.

Why you ask ….

Well they are called Danceworx, and I’m called Wolfworx, and I photograph dancers sometimes, reason enough I thought. Besides my rear end was about fed up with sitting for 11 hours solid.

Part II to follow…




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