A Glossy effect, photographic howto

Due to some demand, here is a very brief tutorial on how I achieve a glossy looking image like

WPB-50389-2There are a few important points though before you jump in.

  1. It will work better with some images than others, The photos displayed here lend themselves to it because of how they were lit. Images with flat lighting may not work as well.
  2. I use Gimp 2.8 with the G’mic plugin. Sorry, I have no idea how you would achieve the same results with other editing packages, but I am sure you can.
  3. I am aware there are other ways to achieve this, but I like this way.
  4. Yes I’m aware of things in the image in the video that should be fixed like sensor dirt etc, but that’s not what I’m illustrating here.
  5. I’m also assuming you have some basic editing skills, curves, layers and layer masks.
  6. No there is no sound in the video, no matter how much you turn it up.

Gimp can be downloaded from here
G’Mic can be downloaded from here

Without further ado …. the tutorial 🙂

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