Location, location, location

As a photographer who loves seeing beautiful things and beautiful places ( and then taking photos of them) I am often frustrated by simply not having enough beautiful places around to use.

Or the place is then but it is not safe to go shoot there for various reasons.

Frustration mounts and coupled with my current bad state of mind, it is really dragging me down.

One of the options I am exploring, though I know it is not a total solution, is 3D modeling of places. Pictured here is a fairly quick edit I did of one of my images composited with a 3D rendered image.

I can rotate and turn and zoom the scene to match up to the angle the photo was taken at…
I can also set up the scene lighting to match the shoot conditions to make it more believable.I can create my own scenes.

It can quite time consuming to get the scene right.
Hunting down of free to use (great) scenes is almost as difficult as finding real ones.
Creating my own takes time

WPB-52939Is it worth it ?

I think it can be šŸ™‚

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