Photography Gripes No1

I really should do a series of posts built on gripes about photography and photographers in general.

Not because i’m a disgruntled miserable old coot, but just because I think people are confused and need to be unconfused. But since it’s my own personal experience it probably will have no relevance for anyone.

But here goes, Photography Gripe #1

Having your photos being compared to the works of *insert famous name person here*

This should be a compliment right ? After all you have successfully studied the works of *famous name person* and managed to copy *famous name person*’s style sufficiently well enough that some person noticed it.

So yes it is, and no it isn’t, I have heard it 3 times recently and in all cases don’t recall thinking “mmmmm today i’m making a Rembrandt look alike” or anything suchlike. I take photos, I position lighting where it feels right and wield my lightmeter with a certain kind of artistic workmanlike attitude, and then I proceed to fine tune the final images based on my mood, how the image speaks to me and to a degree the music i happen to be listening to.
The image you see is birthed from me, not from my appreciation of some long dead great artist. Partly because I am not that well studied on long dead great artists.

Now I’m not saying my work is hugely original… oh no no, not at all, I’m just saying whatever it is … it happens to have come out of my brain, not the long dead artist.
WPB-52846If you see a resemblance to the work of *famous name person*, that’s great, especially if you do mean it as a compliment, just know tho, I probably don’t get the comparison.
What I do get is:
How much fun I was having at the time.
How I was balancing lighting ratios in my head (I suck at head math)
How I was concerned about the model / dancer in questions well being (it was freezing cold)
How I had to make certain compromises
The laughter and jocularity
How much the crack in the cameras Info screen glass bugs me.
And after finally sitting down at the old PC and editing the image(s), the thrill you experience when a few make you quite emotional.
That’s what I get, and why I do it.
You may now burn me at the stake.


2 thoughts on “Photography Gripes No1

  1. I could not agree with you more. The resulting image is not the complete product but a result if the entire expierence of it’s creation. As I felt it. Thanks for putting this into such words.

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