Roadtripping – The home straight

After a very rushed shoot with Megan and KC (Key Castle) it was time to find my digs for the night, rest and recuperate for the early start on Sunday.

A welcome diversion was a visit from an friend who is studying architecture, we sat and designed my “ultimate photographic studio” which she was using for a varsity project.

Sunday morning came all to quickly, the plan was to meet a photographer friend Ashleigh in Grahamstown (which conveniently lies on the route back home from Port Elizabeth) at 6am for a sunrise shoot with a friend of hers.
The road at 4am was quiet but misty in spots, but I made it on time with no drama.

Ash, Jess and I headed off to an old disused railway station and this is what ensued…

WPB-Jessamy-54085WPB-Jessamy-54109 WPB-Jessamy-54096 WPB-Jessamy-54093The sunrise was actually very brief and unspectacular which lead to us hunting around for alternate ideas to do this wonderful young woman justice.
WPB-Jessamy-54131 WPB-Jessamy-54133 WPB-Jessamy-54143 WPB-Jessamy-54146Finally ending it all off with some smoke bombs – not really how I wanted to use them, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

WPB-Jessamy-54230 WPB-Jessamy-54177 WPB-Jessamy-54213Tired but satisfied I hit the road for the final 230km home

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