Walk on the ocean

WPB-Cait-54278Walk on the ocean ? No not really, sometimes one is lucky enough to find river rocks close enough to the surface to create such an illusion.

That’s  in any case a large part of life is it not? An illusion..

Oh look at him, married with kids, a house, a couple of cars, life must be pretty awesome…. But you might not see him late at night drink in hand, gun in lap wondering if tonight is the last night.
Oh look at her, faded old clothes, not even last years fashion, no make up, hair colour not quite by L’Oreal. But you don’t see her going home from work every night to her man, her soul mate, the love and light of her life. You don’t see them sitting chatting happily for hours happy in each other company.

Don’t simply believe everything you see.

“Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone”
Toad the wet sprocket – Walk on the ocean

Foot note:
The “Smith” and I make a good team apparently, she is beautiful and can dance, I can keep a camera pointing in roughly the right direction.
Pentax K5, Sigma 70-200, 1/180th, f/4.5, ISO 80, 70mm
Single Yongnou 560 strobe on Camera right shooting through a white umbrella.
Post process quite minimalistic actually, desaturated / split toned in Lightroom. Increased exposure on the water (her reflection) and cloned out a ghastly bit of bush top right corner.

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