Lifes a Beach

After shooting “The Cellist” (and rushing through the last minutes of that, which I hate doing- but time was dictating) I had a 20 minute drive to Sardinia Bay where I would meet Christine and her Arab mare Sidiki for some beach fun.

In theory it’s one of the easiest types of shoots to do with horses, get them doing what they do best which is galloping around and having fun, and simply click away… But it doesn’t really work like that.

I’m always trying to see if there is an artistic angle or something unusual to be tried. In this case there was not much at all, she sun was still quite high and harsh but at least horse, rider and the sea itself looked fantastic.

This one was mostly going to be about them doing what the do and having fun doing it..


Such a pretty girl



Who needs a surfboard ?




And then time for kisses and cuddles

WPBPE-53957All in well worth the rather large sand dune you have to climb to get to – and from the beach 😀

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