The Cellist

The Cellist

this was the second shoot of my mini road trip and I am hoping you will indulge me a little that I may share some background with you.

I met the young cellist early last year. I gave a talk at a school and she was one of the photography students that attended the talk. Often in life one things leads to another and in this case it lead to this shoot.

There were a number of key points to the shoot.
1. I wanted a darker ‘Gothic’ aesthetic but we settled on a blue dress which was all she had.
2. We both liked the idea of a choker around her neck, she felt she may have some ribbon.
3. Due to the time of day (1:30pm) the light would be dreadful and we were unable to find a suitable indoor facility, so I settled on doing it in a well shaded park.

There were an equal number of unexpected things that changed things a lot.
1. I arrived at the park 30 minutes early, and during scouting I found the “Pearson Conservatory”
So much better than sitting under a tree !
2. A friend of hers got involved and loaned her a far more ‘in theme’ dress and choker.
3. She had her makeup professionally done which makes a huge difference


WPBPE-53692When she and her dad came walking towards me, I’m sure my jaw dropped. I was expecting great, and I got amazing.

WPBPE-53713She then iced the cake when she started to play. She is still learning, by no means an expert, but she plays beautiful and the Cello has a way of resonating deep within you.
WPBPE-53748All in all I found it a deeply moving experience, and I had to fight back tears of sheer emotion at one point. Music truly has a special effect on me.
WPBPE-53750As always, things were a bit rushed, and all too soon it was time to pack up and race across town for the next shoot.

Part one of my road trip is here

Part three “Lifes a Beach” is here

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