Artistry in photography – The Huntress

Lets get this out the way right now, there (in my opinion) is definitely artistry in photography.
It may not always be apparent or obvious but it’s there.

This image, which I have entitled “The Huntress” is a good example.

I know the young dancer, and know what she is able to do.
We had decided on doing a shoot which would show off her physique and my lighting was planned with that in mind.
In the discussion phase, I had this image in mind of her with the bow and arrow, so I bounced the idea off her, and she loved it.

Initially i tried borrowing a bow, but came up empty handed. In frustration at the thought of “not getting my shot” I ended up making the bow and arrow to fit in with the ‘silvery’ image in my mind…

And it actually all came together quite well – her dance artistry mixed with my creative and photographic artistry.

The Huntress
Just my opinion of course 🙂

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