The Dragon Chamber

It’s amusing to me how, in life, one thing often leads to another. Creativity is the same. There is a stairway laid out in front of you. Sometimes it’s misty and you cannot see the next step. Other times there are broken steps requiring you to put extra effort in to safely make it to the next one.

So what does this have to do with dragons ? Well lets climb some stairs and see…

One of the many places I share my art is on Deviantart , it is a great source of inspiration and stock images. Up until recently I was a complete unknown on Deviantart, in one short day all that changed, I became a sort of known to a few 😀
All through some cloud pictures I made available to the Deviantart community as stock…
So with that minor success in mind I generally pay more attention to skies now, and try imagine them being used in photo manipulations.

Still no dragons ? Next step.

The other night we had a most spectacular sunset (I will deal with that in my next post), needless to say I grabbed the camera and went outside to capture some of the splendor – hoping to get some useful stock images.
One of them really struck me, it looked a bit like a cave, or cavern of sorts, with a dash of lava

Next Step
Somehow it just looked like the sort of place dragons may live in, so I did a very quick edit, and named it Dragon Chamber.

WPB-Dragon-76331Credits :
Cloud image : My own
Dragons by elevit-stock


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