Patience pays off

I am a big believer in the concept of patience paying off “usually”
Tessa is someone I approached some time back with the idea of doing a photoshoot with her horse(s). She is a celebrity in her own right in South Africa, but as down to earth and genuine as anyone can be.
After a couple of failed attempts due to timing and busy schedules, this year everything fell into place, although quite last moment, non the less it worked out. Patience definitely paid off.

We set our sights high with certain aspects of the shoot, coordinating three boisterous boys is not for the faint of heart, but I think the results say it all. Again all I can say is patience with these three definitely paid off !

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Romantic Axe, the horse it all started with


Chalooga, Will Hunting & Romantic Axe


Chaos ensued …


But Tess handled it all whilst looking beautiful as ever




Carrots please mum


Tender moments


Posing like the pro he is




Special bond with Romantic Axe


This makes me warm and fuzzy


Lovely couple

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