Challenged, Day 1 of 7

The current rage on dear old Facebook is photo challenges, they come thick and fast and are enough to drive one insane, so usually I just ignore them.

However I did take up the “3 Photos a day that inspire or mean something to you” one, simply because a really good friend challenged me. Sigh

What frustrated me tho is it could only be pictures, no words. Yes a picture should be self explanatory, but there are limits. Since I created this blog as my world, and in my world I obey my rules, I will post my challenge photos here, but explain them where needed. 🙂

IMGP38921) From one of my first shoots, I had the pleasure of meeting this big fella “Rommel” (who belonged to the friend that challenged me to do the 3 pics a day) Little did we know a few weeks later he would contract AHS (African Horse Sickness) and pass away from it 😦

IMGP71752) My dear friend Surea (who has shown me immeasurable kindness) and her mare ‘North’. North also contracted AHS, however she was one of the lucky ones that survived. At this point she was almost over the illness but still thin and swollen.

IMGP10483) Ashleigh & “Chobe” (aka Peanut), Ashleigh is an excellent horse photographer, and I was cheeky enough to suggest that I should be the one to take photos of her and her boy. I recall being rather nervous that I would fail her….  but from that shoot onwards we have become really good friends and often work together. I have witnessed all the drama surrounding poor Peanut who managed to injure himself quite badly, and his slow recovery that bears testament to a great vet, a brilliant stable yard manageress and Ash’s patience.

For those interested here is a link to some info on African Horse Sickness


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