Sad but true

As you live the journey that is your life you will, quite naturally, experience much sadness.
Some will be deep heart wrenching sadness,  loss of family,  friends, lovers and the like.
There are other sadnesses tho, a deeply disappointing event, or an epiphany of sombre note would be examples of circumstances leading to this lower grade sadness.
I’m not a wildly happy person by nature,  I have good moments yes, but I don’t glow in the dark with joy.
As a photographer I try to capture what is beautiful and pleasing, especially with portraiture. There is nothing better than seeing the person involved using the images as profile pictures etc.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t want others to love the images and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want other people who had seen the photos saying wow, I want that photographer to take my photos.
But I see a fault in that dynamic, and as a photographer I find it very sad. My theory ( and feel free to prove me wrong and book me to photograph you)  is that when people click the ‘like’ or ‘+1’ buttons, they are expressing a like for how their friend or model looks, it’s not a like for you or your skills as photographer who captured the image…


Fire & Ice

The one partial exception is fellow photographers, who may be liking your technique or lighting, but generally speaking I think the photographer is seen as irrelevant.
That’s sad to me, and as I say,  feel free to prove me wrong.

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