Sweet Jane and Why Part II

Some people like to go out dancing
And other people, (like us) they gotta work
And there’s always some evil mothers
They’ll tell you life is full of dirt.
And the women never really faint,
And the villains always blink their eyes.
And the children are the only ones who blush.
‘Cause life is just to die.
But, anyone who has a heart
Wouldn’t want to turn around and break it
And anyone who ever played the part
He wouldn’t want to turn around and fake it
Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane


(Covered rather beautifully by Low Sea, though the lyrics take a knock)

I have a dear cousin who recently expressed some amazement at the variety of my photographic subjects. I have always thought my variety was a bit lacking and unfocussed, so it just goes to show the gulf between perception A, reality and perception B is very real.

Look through this blog and what do you see ? Horses, women, flowers and sky (and a few other oddball things) Not much variety there!

Perhaps the variety is in the portrayal of these subjects ? That is probably a more accurate assertion, though I still feel more than a little stunted, caged in and limited. I am outgrowing myself which is a subject for another day.

But non of that really explains what inspires and motivates my choices and how I portray them does it ? If you had to push me for an answer I would say music. Perhaps that’s why my blog (and life) is littered with oddball music and images ?

mmmmm, food for thought.

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