Dreams and troubles

Like many people I have recurring dreams. Many are simply dreams.

By that I mean they are clearly distinguishable from nightmares as there is no terror or panic or fear involved.

My most common ‘theme’ in these dreams is water.

The water is always clean, and usually blue.

It takes on one of a number of scenes, for example:

1) Warm day on the beach. There are large sand dunes between us and the ocean. We (it always feels like ‘we’ though the others are not specific people) either go around the dunes or begin to climb up them when huge waves crash into and sometimes over the dunes.

2) Inside a house or building, usually on a hill. Exceedingly high waves crash against the house and windows. The dream always ends without water getting inside.

3) Inside a large building such as a shopping mall or similar, often vehicles and underground parking is involved. This usually has water cascading in from above and running down ramps and stair cases. Sometimes the buildings experience collapsing damage in places.

4) Again ocean waves supply the water, but the scene is tarred roads, sloping down to the beachfront. Rising flood waters see the roads becoming progressively covered while we walk / run / wade to try reach higher ground and safety. This variation is the only one to have dirty or brown water.

FloatingblogImage credits:

‘ A reason to stay afloat ‘
Model – mariaamanda.deviantart.com
Rose – frozenstocks.deviantart.com
Couch – annamae22.deviantart.com
Sea – queen-sheba.deviantart.com
Sky – Mine
Editing – By me


2 thoughts on “Dreams and troubles

  1. Oh yes, very similar, tidal waves coming up to the house or towering over me on the beach. Always when suppressed emotions or memories are threatening to engulf me – though sometimes I don’t realise it until I have the dream. I don’t have these dreams so much anymore, thank goodness.

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