The story behind the story

This past week has been all about ‘bombarding’ my Facebook fans with images from a photoshoot done on Saturday the 5th
Hopefully it has been a pleasant bombarding πŸ™‚
Anyway, some of those images have found their way onto this blog, except for a few which I really need to finish off editing one or two more to bring that little story to a conclusion.
Now it’s not the first time I have gone out to shoot knowing full well the images are to be heavily edited, I just had a more other worldly look and feel in my mind than one would normally get at 10 in the morning surrounded by drab green scenery.
So … non Facebook fans … brace yourselves, soon I will be sharing ‘The Dance’ with you, a few parts reality, mixed with a dash of fantasy, held together with some digital glue πŸ™‚

For now though, the beautiful Kelly, one half of ‘The Dance’ couple


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