I had a friend

I had a friend once, who seemingly came from no where and set up camp in my life.

Like a good friend should be, they were challenging, funny, witty charming and generally someone one you would  love to have around.

So much so that my thoughts turned from friendship to something more…

As they say sometimes less is more, more or less, perhaps these wise words should have been heeded.

Now I have lost this friend. They died.

Not a simple physical death, but a gradual parting of gravitational pulls. A destruction of the orbits that once were reliable and comforting

The feeling of being replaced and merely tolerated, rather than being wanted in their lives.

So I died too. Little by little life began to ebb away.

Things started to slip away, until one day, a tiny spark landed amongst my cold dead embers.

A little orange light began to glow.

I began to dance

I just may live

I had a friend


faestock for the dancer

austriaangloalliance for the background

Editing by me


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