Escape the Nest IX – I walk the Line

Lorde loved action, sitting around waiting for things to happen was not really his style. He was a go getter, albeit a psychotic one.

Besides, having too little fun made him a very grumpy deity, and grumpy deities could only get their happy thoughts back by smashing, destroying, maiming and generally throwing their weight around.

He breathed in the chaos and set off for the girl, while trouble clouds and storms followed respectfully behind..

Escape The Nest IX

I walk the line
Between good and evil
While others have been thinking about it – I’ve been there and back
I walk the line


If you missed it, the previous episode is here


Sky : Wolfworx

Lorde : Falln_Stock

Ruin on the right : free-stock-by-wayne

Ruin on the Left : alz_stock

Ghost : linzee777

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