Escape the Nest VIII – Working for the Man

There was one thing about life as Lorde knew it, to stay on top you had to stay a step ahead. Secretly he knew this was no easy task.  He would never admit such weakness to Cat and Tera.

Many threats to his existence had come, been dealt with and were now gone… How then was it so troubling that a snip of a girl had escaped from the Nest.

He tried to recall had his undoing ever been foretold – there was in fact that one old crone …

Many moons ago she had cackled in his face and begun telling such a story. He recalled now the look of surprise on her face when he skewered her throat with his sword. Ahhh fun is where you find it and in the end she fore told nothing.

But still … nagging doubts flitted helter skelter through the passages of his mind.

Hi mind snapped back to the present, to Cat and Tera who he loved dearly in his own warped way, but did not really trust, and to Nepine, the only one he really trusted, but could never love.

The escapee had to be found and killed, that was all, and he was quite prepared to do that himself. Off came the regal red robes, replaced by functional black.

Black, the color of death, deviousness and crows… he liked crows, and death too really. It seemed to be attracted to him. An ever present companion.

Striding from his castle the crows were forgotten

Escape The Nest VIIINepine watched him go, she too knew this would be the last time she saw him. Not because of any old folk lore or prophecy, but simply because this was her chance to escape from him.

Escape The Nest VIII 2

Kidnapped years ago from her family by Cat & Tera she was brought to Lorde as an amusement. Instead she had gained his trust as advisor and body guard.

Soon she would leave, and never be found.

She sighed deeply. She had long since lost count of the times she had promised herself she would escape.




If you missed it, the previous episode is here


Background castle and gorge : e-dinaphotoart

Male model (Lorde) : falln-stock

Female model (Nepine) : My friend Penny from Australia

Ghost brush : redheadstock

Nepines Armour : spyderwitch

Video : PJ Harvey

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