Roadtrip 2013 – Conclusion

Sunday 1st December was the final day of my little photo roadtrip. The planned afetrnoon shoot had been cancelled due to apparent illness, so I was free to do whatever I felt like.

As it turned out I ended up working for a good friend of mine. Ashleigh was covering an equine event that morning, so I agreed to help out ! Because it seemed like a fun thing to do 🙂

I got the job of covering the performance riding championships – of which I cannot show you a single photo as they all were handed over to Ash. But when that was done I was free to shoot for my own fun, amusement and pleasure, well with one condition that I took lots of Ashleighs sister Courtney and her horse Painted Dreams…

Ash – Hard at work :



Lovely spectators :



Lovely helpers :


The lovely ‘Painted Dreams’


Courtney and Painted Dreams:


And finally an edit I did of that photo with the “Painted Dreams” as an inspiration:




All that was left then was one more sleep, and the long drive home.





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