Roadtrip 2013 – Ruanne & Falla

The final shoot for the Saturday was Ruanne and Falla ( And an adorable pup).

Not much to say but that I loved the bright outfit, was grumpy that I was not working in a dimly lit forest or some snow covered field

Oh well, at least the light was starting to come good by then.

Ruanne and I have done a shoot before, and I must say her confidence has moved forward in leaps and bounds.





If you saw the hair elastic in the first image, well done. I did not at first ! Grrrrrrr

One thing about horse riders is they always seem to be prepared for anything 🙂

After a glass of wine and a good chat, it was time to go back to base camp for my second last night before heading home…

Next time : Byerly Park Stable Champs

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