Escape the Nest VII – Warpaint

Joey faded fast, like a snake sloughing it’s skin, Erato was born

As the scales of the old fell away, warpaint on the new appeared.

Each footfall was a footfall closer to a destiny she could not remember, it swirled and darted around her just as the mist played around her determined strides…

Escape The Nest VII


The war you fight is underneath
the water, getting deeper.
The wall, the wall, the falling wall,
the wall is busting open.
The wall is busting open.

In like a dull knife
pulls out all the stops
I fall out like
time running out

(even when I was whispering
you hold on, the water was slippery
you listen, the weather was answering
I let go, I wanna get into it)


If you missed it, the previous episode is here

and the next episode is here

Credits :

Model : Kelly

Sky : Wolfworx

Photographer  :Wolfworx

Editing : Wolfworx

One thought on “Escape the Nest VII – Warpaint

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