Escape the Nest VI – Enigma of the Absolute

Usually the question of Lordes heart never came up, troubled or untroubled. It was irrelevant, perhaps he did not even possess this particular organ in his muscular body.

He had for many years now ruled his world in the only way he knew how. He had become the absolute ruler, defy him and die. Simplicity was key.

The decaying building he called his castle was simplistic, it was big enough, and functioned as he needed it to. No less, no more.

Large dirty and oft broken windows filtered in the poisonous light he loved so much. The colour of his royalty.

Ordinarily he would have chuckled at this, perhaps summonsed Cat or Tera and ordered them to bring him wine, but tonight was anything but ordinary. All he felt was a growing disquiet in the very depths of his being.

There were many old tales in circulation, legends and prophecies. He particularly enjoyed the legends that portrayed him as a blood thirsty monster, and derived much pleasure from the prophecies that foretold of his blood soaked rise to power. But it was all counter balanced with a very succinct prophecy of his downfall.

He did not like that one. In fact he had many people be headed for repeating it amongst themselves. He did not dwell on it, but tonight it visited him, reminding him that his demise would be simple and unavoidable.

This was the enigma of the absolute, how could you be absolute if you could so easily be toppled ?

No, it was time to cheat fate, and re create his destiny to suit himself, not some old bard with an axe to grind

Escape The Nest VI

https ://

if you missed Episode V it is here


Background : picmouse-stock
Male character : mjranum
Female character : faestock
Sky : wolfworx
Ghost brush : linzee777
Broken glass brushes: kalijean

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