Escape the Nest V – Slipping away

Wolfworx photography

There are two types of people who inhabit the Nests…

Those who considered what life outside of the thick concrete walls might be like, and those who shut out anything that was not inherently Nest related. So much so that it was heresy to even speak of the Outside.

Obviously people did speak of the Outside. Secretively and quietly. Two or three like minded souls would imagine what it was like, allowing their imaginations a short time to wander through the imagined fields of long grass…

BAM – reality was back like a sledgehammer at the door. Joey had carefully crossed the narrow rock bridge over the river and continued along the path. It was all she could do. But now another problem faced her, and she was .. worried, or was it concerned, troubled, unsure, WHAT ?

She stood just inside the cover of the bush for a while…

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