Roadtrip 2013 – Meghan

After completing the rather good morning shoot with Shlee, I set off to see Meghan for the afternoon session.

It did not start well as a small navigational error on my part saw the trip taking a lot longer than it should have. The only plus was that Meghan was also running late so it had no impact on our plans.

However,  the weather did !

We arrived at the location for the shoot to be met by a storm brewing. Me being the eternal optimist felt we should forge ahead and wait it out – see if it would blow over.

I was wrong.

We ended up running the gauntlet of chicken egg size hail stones, and insane lightning. We  were pleased to find the car intact – this changed as we drove for cover – but less pleased to find no nearby shelter.

It was flooded roads, pelting hail and near zero visibility until we reached a mall with under cover parking. That’s where we took refuge until the storm past.

What did we get for our trouble ?

A badly cracked windshield, numerous dents in the car body and a handful of test photos that I was not particularly pleased with.

Such a shame as Meghan looked amazing, her outfits were stunning, I just ran out of luck…

Taken under a tarpaulin covered amphitheater, The tension was visible in her face, and in my less than enthusiastic shooting.



Her I used one of the images of Meghan with a background comprising of a composite of two stock images from tenebrarium and Fairiegoodmother




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