Escape the Nest IV – Cat & Tera

“Catrina….. and Tera…… Have a seat …. ladies”

The “a’s” were dragged out, this was never a good sign, and Cat – being the more rebellious of the twins simply kept her mostly disinterested glare on Lorde.

Tera, the peacemaker, raised her chin and almost smiled, purred in an equally deliberate and slow manner “Lorde, we were just practicing our combat skills, whatever can we do forrrrr you ?”

At this point Tera received a subtle but painful jab in the elbow from Cats double bladed weapon, but did not flinch.

Lorde turned slowly and asked “One of you was at Fairie Bridge last night, you saw the escapee did you ?”

Cat replied “That would be me, and yes – there was a lone lost woman on the path, but she would not last the night. Of that… I am sure”

“Because you killed her ?” queried Lorde again with that deceptively smooth shift in tone.

“No Lorde, I would not cross your will, I simply left and allowed her fate – whatever it may be – to befall her”

Lorde seemed strangely satisfied, leaning threateningly over the twins commanded “She is not to be hindered or hurt, are we clear?”


“Oh yes my Lorde” piped both girls in unison, looking at each other  with mock horror as Lorde floated out the room .

“What a bii….” began Cat, only to have her ribcage poked with Teras longsword. “Shhh, not a word Cat, you know what happened last time. It simply is not worth it, lets go tease the dragons rather, or maybe even spy on that silly girl. Perhaps she isn’t dead and can be some entertainment?”

Cats face was thunderous, more so even than the storm rattling the windows..


If you missed Part III, it is here


Model stock : faestock

Background stock image :  phatpuppy

Ghost brushes : obsidiandawn

Weapon brushes : spyderwitch

Editing : Wolfworx

2 thoughts on “Escape the Nest IV – Cat & Tera

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