Roadtrip 2013 – Shlee

Thursday 28th November 2013, quite an important day, I had two shoots booked and planned

Well ok, the first one with Shlee was not perfectly planned to the minute, but that’s fine, I can do spontaneous. Lately I seem to be getting rather good at that.

Anyway the idea was to go with a semi pin up look. We started in a park and ended up at a war museum. Pretty good going if you ask me šŸ™‚

Shlee being all happy and dancy and stuff


Up close and personal with a Dakota šŸ™‚


Actually a bit of a luck shot this one, we investigated one of the exhibits with no intention of doing anything but looking, however the light coming so strongly through the door changed my mindWPBLOG-51560

The Dakota again šŸ™‚WPBLOG-51548

And again !WPBLOG-77213

Something from the parkWPBLOG-51494Rock sitting in the park

WPBLOG-51478What a wonderful, fun and intelligent young woman


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