Escape the Nest III – Fairie Bridge

Exhaustion drove questions from her mind, until life became a simple task of ensuring her feet followed one step with another.

Thoughts of running had long since made their own escape, and now the simple act of moving forward along the path was sufficient as long as it was further and further from the Nest.

There was a noise though, and under current of sorts that was gradually getting louder, perhaps she would have heard it sooner but the Nest made you accustomed to noise, in fact it was never silent. This was a pleasant noise, a muted burbling of sorts.

Stepping out of the thinning bush she could see the source, a river, not dissimilar to some of the open irrigation channels used to irrigate food crops in the Nest. It was just prettier somehow, bathed in purple night light. The mist swirled and danced around revealing and then hiding details of the river. The path led straight down to what appeared to be a rock bridge over it.

Joey paused to catch her breath properly and survey her surroundings, shrouded in the cool mist she felt almost invisible, and for the first time after nearly three hours of constant motion she became as still as a statue, taking in the smells of the wet air.

Of course as her legs slowed – her brain sped up, instantly mulling over the finer points of her situation, and more specifically, things she needed as a matter of urgency. So she made a mental note, she always prided herself that her mental notes were … well quite noteworthy. This one was no different.NoteIt did however seem to keep coming back to the fact she would feel much better if she could find a weapon of some sort, oh and ditch the silly berry picker dress. She felt like a bright beacon on a dark night. Sigh.

Eating a handful of the berries she had picked earlier, she felt a new sense of resolve and purpose take hold. She was going to be all right. She turned back to the bridge and realised the swirling mist had lifted a little more.

She also realised there was someone on the bridge.

WPBLOG-59818Before she could think to duck, run, hide or call out for help, the dark figure was gone. Only swirling mist remained.


If you missed Part 2, it is here and Part 4 is here


Model 1  :Kelly

Other Model stock : faestock

Background stock image :  Bridge of the fairies by leina1

Ghost brush : spyderwitch

Sky : Wolfworx

Editing : Wolfworx


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