Escape the Nest II – Doubts

Joey ran. She ran as she had never run before, until her heart beat against her ribs with such force she expected her chest to explode.

Somehow the vision of herself as a billion tiny gibbets of exploded chest cavity caused her an involuntary laugh and a gasp. Her foot steps faltered and she slowed, eventually coming to rest.

The enormity of what she had just done shrouded her like a great dark cloak, she had never been outside the nest, never under this immense sky, never run for any real length of time. Perhaps this was a mistake? But that thought was rapidly doused with a joyous surge. She was free.

In the distance she saw the Moon that currently lit her way along a narrow gravel path, there were clouds in the sky and flashes of lightning could be seen extending brittle fingers to the ground.

Her breath was coming back to her slowly and she turned apprehensively to look back along the path to the Nest she had escaped from. It was barely visible, a gloomy distant bad memory, not quite, it was not that far away and she knew she had to get moving again.

Would the send  anyone after her ? Unknown, no one had escaped or run away before.

Staring a little longer – neither ears nor eyes picking up any signs of pursuit – she turned to go.


Who made this path she wondered – and why ?

and then there was just the steady crunching of her footfalls on the gravel …

Part 1 is here  if you missed it

Part 3 to follow


Model  :Kelly

Photographer : Me

Background stock image :  ElenaDudina 

Editing : Me

Story : Me

4 thoughts on “Escape the Nest II – Doubts

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