Roadtrip 2013 – Steampunk Shannon

Monday dawned, and I was up bright and early – set off across town to my only shoot for the day and quickly ran into trouble. TRAFFIC with a capital everything.

Rush hour(s) in Johannesburg are not for sissies but fortunately it was slow rather than static, and eventually I arrived at the location for the shoot, which incidentally also happened to be Shannons mums house.

We had ummed and ahhhed a bit over where we could do the shoot while it was still in the planning stages, and kept coming back to simply using the house as they had an abundance of dark leather / wood finishes and furnishings. On seeing it, I was extremely pleased with the choice. Very few things are ever perfect in every way, but this came close.

Shannon and her mum had gone to great lengths with her costumes as well as props, hiring and making things as required.

The detail in this photos still blows my mind, the more you look, the more you will see. There are so many pocket watches and clocks in the image below,

WPBLOG-51219From a lighting point of view, early on I made the decision to go very simple. A single speedlight through a large softbox was more than ample in the confined spaces, and gave me the moody contrasty feel I wanted.

Even when we through a giant mirror into the mix ! Oh and note the perfectly coloured dog ! He invited himself on set and I felt his presence was more than welcome

We even got to make use of my old fantasy type sword, which was great as I had spent a long time cleaning it up before the trip 🙂

For this shot I added a back / hair light to bring her out of the gloom a bit.




This photo (and a few others like it) was meant to be seen as “In the Captains Cabin” or something like that. If you look close enough the book titles are a bit of a niggle, but Steampunk transcends timelines, so we let it go.

The lovely warm light from the Captains fireplace is a spur of the moment plan I made. No, the light is not gelled conventionally 😉


At the end of it all, Steampunk Pup was rewarded with his very own photo for his Dogbook Profile. Sorry about the watermark on his nose ! thats the problem with automated watermarking.


This was an epic shoot for me, Shannon was amazing, her mum for all her help, enthusiasm  and allowing me to shift furniture around  was just as amazing.



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