Roadtrip 2013 – Megan & John

After a well deserved rest on Saturday night, Sunday morning say me heading back to the deep South for a couples shoot with Megan and John.

Megan and I have been friends for some some and she is a very special person (She will feature again a bit later again 🙂 but usually with her there are horses involved, so this did feel a bit foreign !

WPBLOG-51093By now the smart ones among you will have realised John is a human ! 🙂

WPBLOG-51126It was a great shoot really, in an awesome spot steeped in some amazing history dating back to South Africas Boer wars… The time of day and lighting however were not kind at all, so once again it was a tough day in the office.

WPBLOG-51142As a side note, there are a few graves near the tiny church in the first photo. This headstone belongs to Charles Glass. Charles is better known in South Africa as the man behind Castle Lager. One of the local beers 🙂

I kept thinking we should have had a few (beers) then, as he would of approved.


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