Escape the Nest I – The escape

The Nest, that was it’s unofficial name.

In truth, few cared to remember the official moniker attached to the settlement, it was typical of most military establishments ‘Bio Preservation Station Six Echo’

The intended purpose of the BPS’ was to act as an oasis of wellness in a dying world, along with tens of thousands just like it, they promised clean breathable air, food, water, and safety from marauders. Marauders who inhabited the wilds, eking out a living in the war ravaged valleys, mountains and plains of the world.

It’s not that the governing administration would admit the BPS’ were failures, or even acknowledge that there were difficulties. The people inhabiting them who were rescued and rehabilitated as adults were supportive and loyal to the system that saved the from certain death.

The Nests were their home, their sanctuary, safety blanket and provider all rolled into one.

The youth born into the Nests however, grew up unconvinced. Joey was such a child. She grew up not knowing the hardships and dangers of the Wilds. She grew up only seeing the shortfalls of the Nest, something her own parents seemed oblivious to.

It was against the law to talk of the Wilds, so the balance of the youth was always going to be tipped towards hatred for a system which determined their purpose in life at birth.

Depending on your chosen purpose, your destiny came sooner or later… 60% of girls were chosen to be consorts to men they did not know and were a good deal older than they were. Their “life” began at age 13.

The balance were given labor tasks, farming, cleaning, preparing meals. Just in case you thought the males had it easy, they didn’t. 90% worked below ground, turning huge man powered turbines to power the Nest.

It was hot, grueling shift work carried out in hazardous conditions. Injuries and death was common.

The other remaining 10% were drafted into maintenance roles. Taught to keep the great life giving wheels in motion.

Before you reached your destiny age, your purpose in life was food gatherer. Uncomplicated work, it could be carried out by the young. The youngest picked from the crops grown internal to the nest.

The older children had to brave the maze of berry bearing hedges on the Nests periphery.

And that was all there was to life, un-relenting sameness. Each day a near carbon copy of the day before, and you did that until you died. When you finally succumbed, the robotic guards would dispose of you. Not that different from ants.

Joey felt trapped, again a heaving panic in her chest. She would 13 years old soon, and everything about her future just felt wrong. She knew she had to escape the nest somehow.

But always the robotic watchers were ever present, or were they ? They seldom patrolled the berry hedges out on the periphery because it was no longer inside the Nests controlled atmosphere, could she … possibly … escape the Nest from there ??


“Editors ~ Escape the Nest”

Buildings in clouds here
Our time and our place dear
There’s life in us yet love
These walls we will climb above

We really our ants now
Escape the nest somehow
I ache for a feeling
You came and you poured it in, it in.

Part 2 is here


Model  :Kelly

Photographer : Me

Background stock image :  e-dinaphotoart

Story : Me

Song : Editors (Awesome band, Buy their stuff !)

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