Roadtrip 2013 – TLC Stables – Ash & Chobe

After the Friday afternoon shoot, I did what any sensible person would do, eat & sleep !

3:45am on Saturday I was up as the plan was a “Sunrise” shoot !

The weather however had other plans and said ‘No’ and we had an overcast grey morning. No hint of sunrise 😦 or sun, just greyness.

However – Ash & I are never deterred by failure, as it is our constant companion :P. Yes we have a growing history and perhaps I should touch on that briefly.

Ashleigh is a fellow photographer, one I have held in high esteem for some time, and lately consider a great friend.

(Her work can be seen here and here)

Not much we do goes as planned though, but we have a lot of fun and maybe some day we will really nail it and get one of our shoot ideas to actually work !

Ash in action


Ash with her boy Chobe (Who was a difficult guy on the morning)

WPBLOG-50078(Yes she looks great whichever side of the camera she is on)




Such a great young woman, solid work ethic, very skilled and just a pleasure to be around.

I really hope I did them some justice with the photos we got.


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