Road tripping 2013

I do apologise for my deathly silence, I have been away, and hopefully the fruits of that will be worthwhile 🙂


Let me begin with a bit of background information, I do a yearly pilgrimage (?)  from my home town of East London (RSA) to Johannesburg. A trip of approximately 1030km (650 Miles) climbing some 2000 meters from our sea level altitude to what is my birth place. It takes about 10 to 11 hours depending on stops and roadworks.

Why ?

To take photos of course ! However before we get into that, here are a few road tripping style snaps from the phone to wet your appetites !

Not a good way to start the trip ! The local fuel station had run out, so it was a 4am dash to the nearest on en route to fill up. Yes the car hit “empty” as i turned into the fuel station 😛



The scenery is varied and often spectacular


Other times it’s pretty dull


There were even people who attempted to avoid paying Tolls by – and I’m just guessing here – crashing through the toll booths… It was a fail of course


Finally after many hours of driving and peppermints I reached the city of gold. I was ‘home’ for a bit over a week. I will go into detail with the shoots that kept me occupied, but leave you with one last image for now…

It was so good to walk into a camera shop and next to the common garden variety Canons and Nikons find PENTAX proudly on display !


For all there imperfections and problems it truly is a great brand making great cameras !

Next  blog : Friday 22nd November – The first day



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