With a rattling wheeze the ship lurched sideways and ever downward
All that could be heard was the warbling & wheezing tone of their ships very sick pulse drive motor, and the clanging of various bits of ship detaching themselves from the ailing ship
Captain Reg Johnsons usually easy going demeanour had finally gone, and what was left in it’s place was worry.
The last stressful hour had seen the entire crew holding their collective breaths as the ship was guided slowly into a gentle descent towards the planet surface. Well it was supposed to be gentle as they could not risk any sudden movements with a fractured bleeding hull, but with few systems operable the downward journey resembled that of a drunken cadet tripping and rolling down the metal stairs leading to the flight deck.
It was not a pretty sight.
The planet was not a pretty sight either, swirling clouds of mist enshrouded the surface. With the ships sensor arrays a smoky relic of the past, they were unable to probe or map out anything at all. The planet was known to have a mostly breathable atmosphere, but details where sketchy. This was no time  to be bothered by minor details, as it was very much a case of land or die. Whether they were landing on a mountain or a plateau at this point was neither here nor there.
Most likely they would die anyway.
The Captain called out a few course corrections, thinking to himself that it was a joke, with zero visibility, they had no chance anyway, all he could do was stare into the swirling mist and hope something good was soon going to be revealed to them.
Fortunately the landing thrusters roared into life, there was enough surface oxygen for them to work and it was a tremendous bonus they seemed undamaged.
Feeling more confident now, the Captain ordered that forward progress be halted, and that they sink slowly to the planet surface.
This was the moment of total commitment (to a landing of some sort) as the hull would not withstand any attempt to leave the planets gravitational pull.
The mist thinned slightly, tendrils trailed away from a growing gap.
Vague blotches and changes in tone started to clarify.
Nothing prepared them for what they were about to see.
When they saw it, they knew there was nothing they could do.

And then, there was nothing anyway.
Just a gentle rain of particles floating down to the blue beast of a planet..


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