We are the champions

Before we even begin, allow me to rewind a little.

As you have probably gathered by now, I am a slightly off centre, eccentric lazy blogger. I attempt to marry my images to music I like and / or lyrics that speak to me in the hopes they do the same for you.

They probably do not.

My sister came up with the plan of asking my fans to put forward songs that have meaning to them ,  and I would weave the same (coff) wondrous magic of matching their song … with an image of mine.

So far so good, the last 3, not counting this one, have been in that format, I have even added a category “Viewers Requests” to separate them from the herd should it be required.

Back to the present :

The song “We are the champions” by Queen was one of those requested, and honestly I can think of 4 or 5 ways of handling it (most at face value, one less obvious) but I really was not feeling it.

Fortunately I have a friend called Jess, she has the knack of popping up just when she is really needed – like just before you leap off a bridge to your suicidal doom … Jess would show up (Probably with popcorn, but that’s a story for a different day)

Today she showed up “virtually” with some though provoking comments and some facts, and honestly I felt a lot more human after talking to her this morning, but it has also pointed me to the answer for this blog entry.

So, if “we” are champions, who are “we” exactly ?

Well in this case ‘we’ are 4 very different young woman, 2 are my daughters, one is Jess and one is Cat. They are all champions because they are smart, funny, witty, intelligent, determined, hard working, interesting people who have a life ahead of them, whatever that may be.
“we” are all champions of something. “We” are all champions to somebody. There is always someone who looks to you and wishes they could be like you. Ok maybe not always, but a lot of the time !

Do we feel like champions ? I don’t, I feel like a sub normal person muddling along. But there is a gulf between personal feelings and external impressions. We need to realise that, and simply be better champions where we can…

For the record Jess loves Queen, and me…. no I must confess I do not. They were huge while i was growing up, so I guess the hype was lost on me 🙂

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