Covert Ops and project Anti ‘Anti’

Blogging, I like blogging, heck sometimes I rant, sometimes I rave, sometimes I just show pretty pictures or teach but mostly I actually just wish I blogged and the whole world read it, but they didn’t know it was me writing it !

So why this desire for both the spotlight and the anonymity ? (I hear you cry [digitally])

Well I am not a huge fan of judgement and condemnation. Having your entire being-ness judged on ‘one little thing’ you have done or said (or two or three) is a rotten business. Not everyone will agree with you and I all the time, and they wont always like what you and I do or say all the time either.

And in true hard-case rebel style we cry “So what, who cares” and carry right on… well sometimes.

Other times we take whatever we were doing or saying and make it into a covert operation. You know – hide that shit away. Why ??? Well we simply do not wish to rock the boat, or be judged or condemned etc etc. Or it is simply less hassle to cover it up.

Here’s an example :

Lets say you hold a respectable job, you’re a good citizen, work hard, pay your taxes and do not commit crimes and behave quite well in general. But if it became known you sported a tattoo or perhaps some other body mod, would your mainstream ( if you work for a tattoo artist, skip to the pretty picture) employer and /  or clients still see you in the same light ?

You would think so yes, after all, If I had a tattoo of a ladybird on my hip, would that alter how I took photos ? No

Would it change how I dealt with people ? No

But there are still stigmas attached, and In many ways it is a lot like labeling people.

“Oh she has a tramp stamp, she must be such a ****” Really ? Really really ?

So why this rant ? Well, this subject came up for discussion, and I am thinking of turning it into a side project.

Provisionally named “Project anti ‘Anti’ ” I will showcase peoples body art in someway (Typical of me – no plan whatsoever) much like this :

WPBLOG-57915The idea being, to show other people that these tattooed folk could be anyone in their lives. A nurse nursing you after a car crash, the young man looking for work,  and what I’m saying with it is :

People, look deeper, look past the markings on the skin, look at the their heart and their skills and capabilities. I am not saying lets all go get tattooed for the sake of it, in fact tattoos are just an easy scapegoat…

Rather get to know the person…. than right them off because they have different ideas about what looks good to yours …

In closing:

If you have ink, and have ever felt like you were not totally accepted because of it, why not get hold of me and possibly become a part of project Anti ‘Anti’. No we won’t be picketing or boycotting or looting and burning. But we might just win over a heart or mind somewhere along the line …

Oh and for the record, I don’t have a tattoo on my hip, or anywhere else for that matter.  No reason other than I don’t… It just was never a priority

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