Wolfworx face of 2014

This is a fairly recent initiative of mine.

As a “fringe” photographer (ie. one who does not shoot weddings as a rule ) Sometimes I need to try things out, shoot to keep in practice or simply shoot for the sheer love of it.

I decided that instead of dragging in the numbers by offering free shoots to all and sundry, I would create an opportunity for one person to shoot with me a number of times over a the course of a year.

The benefits to both parties are obvious, I get a willing guinea pig, they get a portfolio and confidence boost, and together we establish a good working relationship with mutual understanding.

2012 was Amy, it was completely informal, Β the idea to do this did not even exist, it simply happened, we worked well together from the first click of the shutter during a paid shoot and the rest was history.


2013 was Kelly, she was chosen in my usual ‘dictator’ fashion πŸ™‚ I asked if she would be my “Face of 2013” and she said yes. We had no plan at all, but managed to capture some very different sides to this lovely young woman. We are planning one more shoot before the end of the year.
For the 3rd shirt we also secured the services of a make up artist. Glenda Megaw did an amazing transformation on her πŸ™‚


2014 will be ????, I’m not sure. I have opened it up to a democratic vote. A short info pack of the potentials will be sent to 4 judges who have no connection to anyone of them.
Between the 5 of us, I will end up with a top 3, and an eventual winner.

No big song and dance, no fame, no fortune, just a lot of fun, and some great images for her to use.

It’s exciting, but after meeting some I feel twinges of regret over the democracy idea, can i not just choose already ? hahahah No !

The response has been good, and I will be sharing these with you when the time is right πŸ™‚


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