Labels belong on soup tins

Ahhh yes, the famous and quite true saying !

Mind you labels belong on all kinds of tins, because who wants to open each one up to find out what delicacy is nestled inside ? Or play the shaky shaky – predict the contents game. Also a bit error prone in my opinion.


So there we have a very good use for labels, but you know what,  we as people are so determined to label and catergorise everything that it can get wildly out of hand.

“Oh that guy ? He is such a LOSER” and there we go, now we know what is inside his tin, It’s LOSER mush. The funny thing is, before too long, there is a good chance he will start to believe that his label is correct.
That is how we work, we love labels, labels are always right. yes ?

no ?

Well as we have seen – this penchant for defining and labeling things applies to almost everything.
I have even seen horses be on the receiving end of this …

Meet Cyclonic aka “Psychotic” and Chris his rider 🙂

WPBLOG-76631Notice how he and Chris are jumping over that colourful pole ? Together ? and how “Psychotic” is not using the pole to murder him ?
“Interesting” I hear you say. Yes it is. I can only imagine somewhere along the line Cyclonic did what we all do, he made a mistake, or over reacted or something along those lines and got labled Psychotic.

Personally I do not think it bothers him one iota, but you see – the things is – a horse and rider are a team, speak ill of the horse, and the rider gets to deal with that pain, praise the horse, and the rider gets to bask in the glory too.

So is he really psychotic as the label would suggest, well look at this image taken during a gap between classes, totally candid (hence the funny faces) :

WPBLOG-57520Notice how Chris does not appear stressed ?

Notice how his friend is giving the horse a cuddle and is not being eaten ? or even fearing that his bare feet will be trod on ? (Which is not such a great idea, hooves and bare feet are not a good mix)

mmmmm, I really do wonder if he has been incorrectly labeled somehow, don’t you ?
Perhaps it’s time we stopped labeling things not in the pantry and found out for ourselves who and what they really are…



6 thoughts on “Labels belong on soup tins

  1. As the mom of the former* owner of this beast* 😉 I can not agree more. Where the labels came from? who knows? In the 5 years Taryn rode him not once did he hurt her or any one else. What a bad mom I must have seemed to have put my then 13 year old little girl on this Cyco beast! Ah, how they must have whispered behind our backs, well we were never aware of this or maybe we just didnt care. All he ever gave was loads of love and sometimes even though he was naughty….it was mere high spirits, which only makes one love him more, for he is a rare creature with his own personality, not a beaten into submission push button pony. I think in Chris he has found a perfect friend, I can not be happier that he has found such a loving home! xx

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