Practice makes perfect or simply better, now with Photoshop

Strange blog today. Strange subject….

I feel like the person having to explain to someone not to look directly at the sun… some things just seem obvious !

Any way, off we go then. I will keep it as short as possible, and there will be a prize offered at the end (Conditions apply)

Practice makes perfect or sometimes simply better…

Where and how does this apply ? Well to everything, everywhere…

Take horses for example, since I am quite involved with them. It came as a surprise to me that they don’t really know how to jump all that well… and needed to be trained !

I thought that was total horse crap, but someone pointed out an example of humans jumping hurdles.. physically a lot of people can do it, but we would look pretty horrible though. However with training in the correct technique and timing, we could actually improve to the point where we resemble professional athletes…

Horses are the same, and like humans there will be those who will always have more talent, more ability etc. It’s normal.

Meet Skye & Angela, Skye is still very green and is quite new to the whole world of horse shows, Angela is a bit more seasoned, but has not been riding Skye that long.

Picture 1 : July 2013, Their very first show together, jumping 50cm


Note the casual (almost wild) “Weeeee look at me leap over these poles” attitude Skye displays here. Legs are pretty much all over the show, but she certainly has some good height over the jump. And yes, this is one of the better  looking jumps for the day – I know, I took the photos 🙂

Picture 2 : August 2013, Their second show together, jumping 70cm


Ahhh now does that not look better ? She is starting to be more mindful of where her feet are so she does not knock poles. Even the rider looks a lot happier.

Picture 3 : September 2013, Their third show together, jumping 80cm


Wow, those front hooves are tucking beautifully, she is muscling up nicely too, looking alert but comfortable and the young rider looks super confident. Far more confident in the ponies abilities i suspect.

In between shows I am sure there is a huge amount of behind the scenes practicing going on and it seems to be paying off !

Compare that last jump to this one from their first show … she appeared pretty clueless


So what has this got to do with photography, and me, and all that ?

Well photography is the same, the more you practice the more you improve and that spills over into editing too, aka “Photoshop”

For the record I don’t photoshop, I Gimp… but that’s another story.

Editing photos is also something I need to work at. I am not very good at it. Practice practice practice, and hope to improve little by little…

So even though this is pretty poor in many ways, I did learn alot … AND it was fun !



This one is far better in my opinion


And I learned some great ways of doing things, now just to practice them right ?!?!?

Anyway, onto the competition, technically it’s open to locals in East London South Africa, but I will add a loophole 🙂
To be eligible for the prize, email me the correct answer on (brian at, yes you need to fix it)

The prize is 3 x of your (horse) show photos emailed to you, free. This applies to past shows only!
Or if you are not a local and would like to take part – well you may select any 3 from my Facebook albums. Provided I agree with your choices of course, I will email them to you 🙂

The winner will be selected randomly at 8:30pm tonight by someone  else

No complaining and crying now, my decision is final and binding !

Right, Which photo is real? ie. Straight out of camera with no digital manipulation…






Email your answer, and if you are the valid winner, I will contact you and we can sort the photos out 🙂

One thought on “Practice makes perfect or simply better, now with Photoshop

  1. Pick me, pick me! Its B! Actually, now I am doubting myself. Maybe its A. Surely the pony cannot have improved that much in 3 months? Impossible. I think you photoshopped B, and A is definitely real. Yes, ok, its A, A is real. B is fake!

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