Future starts slow

So… coming off the back of my mini drama, I honestly feel drained.

Things have been stupidly busy, many deadlines, not enough hours, but at least this monh we eat again, that’s a plus

So what do you  when your batteries are flat – I’m thinking recharge !

For that, there are two simple and effective methods.

1. Put on music that does not cause emotional distress … The Kills come to mind for their sheer glorious simplicity. It just sweeps you up and delivers you to an instant happy place. Thank you Alison and Jamie for doing what you do..

2. Do something you love so much that all sense of time is lost, for me – that’s photography, and currently Amy is my fixer.  We gelled from the first time we worked together, we seem to see eye to eye on most things and so I am keen to see what we come up with…. (Like the title say “future comes slow”)


this was from a while back 🙂

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