Love, Life and the strength to live it Part 4

I will admit, under duress, that I have now been skirting around the truth for a while.

Truly facts do not lie, evidence points, facts accuse, judgments are made.

I am very ill, The doctor s about to become the patient. Probably not the first time ever in the history of humankind – but grant me at least that it is the first time it happened to me. ME !!!


I am supposed to be the pillar, the helper, the righter of wrongs, the healer ! Only to find I am sick in need of healers and medical magic and blah blah blah. Instinct tells me to roll in a ball and give in. My spirit whispers to not lose hope, lies that it is not that serious. My logic fixates on possible cures


My mind … shatters. Somehow the comfort of scripts we issue to patients on a daily basis is meaningless. The perfectly round white rabbits

Rabbits ? didn’t I mean pills ?

The perfectly round pills. … wait, didn’t I just say that ?? PILLS

I have boxes full you know, each to be taken at set intervals ! Well that’s cute, where is my watch ?

I have been booked off, work I think, I don’t know really. Sleeping after 7am ? Who am I anyway, that’s a first.

Oh I just remembered there has been no music today. These pills make me feel like my minds wrapped in cotton wool. I hate it, I .. was I going to turn on something ?

RAdiO, it was the Radio of course

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