Love, Life and the strength to live it Part 3

I laughed, maybe a bit hysterically I admit, but the squiggly worms got the better of me…

They told a story that I could not deny, that I had to face.


In the face of their rampant growth I am fading, and again a song springs to mind…

“Make your way up to the stars, It’s there where you belong

I’ll lose this I always have, I’ll always let you down

Waiting, you are
Fading, you are
Slowly drift off to sleep

Perhaps I should have learned to play an Instrument, or become a rockstar, but no

I chose medicine, chose knowledge, chose to study, set my sights high, chose understanding

chose – albeit unknowingly –  a losing battle – sometimes.


For what it’s worth, I am slowly inching towards the truth, oh damn there goes my phone again, I must tend to this before I can continue…

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