Love, Life & the strength to live it Part 2

Someone once said and day started with a song, must be a good day…

Someone is lucky that I am not given to violence because this was not the greatest song to start any day to. It’s some old song from the 50’s or 60’s the sort of thing my dad would play and .. well that sort of cheers me up thinking back to those carefree times. But I digress !

Tough day at the office you ask ? Well yes, if you consider a hospital filled with clamoring patients and their problems ‘another day in the office’ I guess I just take it all far to personally, I care about the fact Mrs Willis probably won’t survive long enough to see her family this weekend…

I care that James Jethro (The 3rd apparently) has lost both his legs in a senseless accident…

I care that I’m looking and looking and trying to look deeper at these CT scans, but all I see are wiggles blurred by my tears, instead of seeing a way to fix it all, I feel I am starting to fray at my seams.


What sort of doctor am I anyway ? I should put my chin up and just do this ! Put all petty emotion to one side and

WWMEG-52142Who am I trying to fool, this is a real problem. To make matters worse, the song starts in my head again !

Won’t you give me the low down
Just as quick as you can
Baby, I’ve been out of touch
Just give me the scam

Don’t give me the sports page, baby
No political news
Don’t you give me the gossip
Just give me the truth
Just between me and you

Give me the low down if you can
Don’t want a show down I just want to know where I stand
Don’t read me the horoscope babe
That ain’t what I need our future will never last
But that’s between you and me

So I sing it to the wiggles on the scans as they glare at me


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