Love, life and the strength to live it Part I

Stories …  where and how do they begin ? How do you tell and re-tell them so as to neither dilute, nor embellish on what’s being told? How do you accurately relay the life of the lead character without being accused of bias when you are the lead character?

I am no one, yet I am everyone, I am scared to put these words down, but especially afraid I may read them and their truth will paralyse me. I am no one to you, yet I am everything to someone. That is how life is meant to be. A huge machine full of cogs and wheels, all connected and synchronised : meshing and turning, turning and meshing.. we mesh and turn with our fellow people / cogs until we stop or break.

I am procrastinating again, perhaps stories should be like diving into pools, you climb the rungs, take a short walk, and plunge headlong into what you believe to be water of sufficient depth not to kill your self.

I am Megan *rung*

MD *rung*

As in Medical Doctor not Moron Detector *rung*

I am a cog in a machine *rung*

I am a cog connected to a number of machines *rung*

Although I have a good life, it is not perfect *short walk*

However,  I am in love, In love with living, in love with a man, and in love with helping others *plunge*



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