How it IS vs How YOU see it

This is a bit different from my usual fare, so if yo came for a pretty picture… well the good news is there IS one !

But I also feel then need to lay out something that’s on my mind,  it is a complicated two part affair that eventually dovetails – if I do not lose direction halfway through and forge what I’m trying to say !

Part B “Why do I take photos ?”

Part B is “Why do I take photos ?” but only one onion layer of that question. There are many semi disconnected reasons why I take photos, ranging from ‘Because I need to express my artistic (HA) side’ to ‘I need the money’

But this layer deals more specifically with ‘What makes me actually want to press the shutter button’ What am I seeing through the viewfinder that whispers a quiet ‘Press now’ command to my finger.

Please note it is a whisper, not a shout…

B.1 Things that are ‘Interesting’

It might be a toy troll found in the grass, or a strange bug, or the way light and shadow are playing with a set of car keys on a table. Things that can be seen in a way which we don’t often see to me are interesting and will grab my attention and so the whispering starts…

B.2 I see something ‘beautiful’

You will rarely see me taking photos of roadkill, mashed bugs, garbage & random street photography (etc etc) Why ? Because there is little inherent beauty in those things. Beauty to me is sunrises, sunsets, the ocean, people & animals and emotional connection.

Not old decrepit and sickly people, animals and landscape scenes either !

I like to think that for the most part my photos show beauty in some way or other. Yes sometimes they are a bit ‘dark’ but non the less  there is beauty to be found in them.

When I am at horse shows and take my so-called ‘random’ photos (candid moments of spectators & competitors alike) it is because I am seeing something beautiful….

Which brings us back to the beginning of this two part story

Part A – Self dislike

I am quite normal as people go. Average intelligence, looks, height etc etc. Like many people I do not like what I look like, though I have made peace with it and no longer care.

I come across people who don’t like the way they look either. They don’t like their hair or freckles or eyes or nose.

It bothers me, why do we not like ourselves ? Is it because we are taught not to be vain ? Not be like Narcissus, falling in love with our own image  ? So we follow the other path – you know – the one that leads to a bit of self loathing.

There is probably a lot more to it than that, as I said I am of average intelligence, and no psychology student, I just wondered…

Part A meets Part B

Now and again I am able to help some ‘rethink’ their dislike of physical self, but I suspect where an internal dislike is the cause… I am completely ineffectual…

How it really is


Cassie you are beautiful

Your red hair is beautiful

Your bond and connection to horses is beautiful

Your ready smile and cheerfulness are beautiful

You are beautiful

and that was enough for my brain to whisper quietly to my finger ‘press now’

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